Sunday, November 15, 2015

My latest tech tool find is Prezi! Second grade science includes learning about animals and habitats so I've collected numerous websites, videos, games, and ebooks for an independent student learning center. I will introduce biomes by reading What is a Biome? by Bobbie Kalman, and then we'll create a fun graphic organizer they can use to collect information. They will be asked to explore the biomes via the Prezi and take note of interesting facts learned. Afterwards, we'll discuss which biomes we're interested in learning more about! Students will select an animal to research from one of the biomes and create a shoebox habitat for them to live in.

Prezi will allow me to nurture both the disciplined and synthesizing minds of my students. Even when students have decided upon one biome to focus, they will still have the background knowledge provided during the learning center that all of our world's biomes rely on one another.

NOTE: Do I love Prezi? No - the idea is there but I've encountered too many hurdles. I wanted to insert audio of animals from the different biomes, for example, the roaring of a lion. The only way I could find to insert audio was as background music and who wants to hear roaring while they're watching a Magic School Bus episode? Also, the Raz-Kids links aren't working correctly so I had to include each books's specific level so it can be located.

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